Our team encompasses a variety of disciplines, experiences, and artistic skills dedicated to exploring the body and its language.  

Who we are

What we do

Talvez performs by tapping into the permanent principle of openness and flow, the spine of improvisation as a language, molding the scene by constantly and thoroughly investigation this language. Talvez aims to define methodology through constant revision and reconstruction of a language that, by nature, must remain open.      

Talvez's work revolves around finding fresh approaches that invite the audience into the stage. By offering rights and responsibilities that transform the audience into an active participant— mantled in emotion, surrounded by energy, embraced by action— they become both engaged and interested in the scene… in the very art.  

Since 2008, Talvez uses improvisation as a tool to explore creation and the language of its ‘mise en scène’, investigating the various approaches within this branch.     

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